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Just published: A Retrospective Study Investigating Injury Incidence and Factors Associated with Injury Among Belly Dancers

I am really pleased to share that my article, “A Retrospective Study Investigating Injury Incidence and Factors Associated with Injury Among Belly Dancers” has been published in the March 2019 edition of the Journal of Dance Medicine & Science. We collected so much data we could have written several papers from this, but I’m really pleased this little piece is out there.

As far as we know, this is the first scientific study ever to examine injury incidence and potential risk factors in belly dancers. I hope this generates more interest around the topic and furthers the belief that oriental dance and its associated forms are worth of academic study.

For us, The most significant clinical implication from this study is the correlation of non-dance-related exercise with reduced risk of injury. Strengthtraining has already been suggested for reducing injury risk in dancers of other styles, and as dance requires both aerobicand anaerobic fitness in addition to strength, any exercise training outside of dance may be beneficial for meeting the athletic requirements of dance.

You can access the article here. 

fen favorited Silvia Salamanca
Silvia Salamanca at Cues and Tattoos 2018
My swords are covered in rust. My body is dirty with soil. My Soul carries the pain of a thousand wounds. And yet, I rise, over and over again to exist among the living. 

Silvia Salamanca at 3rd Coast Tribal 2012
Blending flamenco and tribal bellydance, once more time full of passion, fire and emotion!

Silvia Salamanca Double Sword at 3rd Coast Tribal 2013
Silvia Salamanca in her first dance with 2 swords.
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Dance has helped me overcome a lot of personal challenges. If I feel sad or depressed, I just go to the set and dance. It makes me feel alive.

Remo D'Souza

Artist: Morgana § Photo: Mariano Francisco § Costume: Creaciones Shakti 
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Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.

Martha Graham

Photo: Joudi M Joudi   Dancer: Ebru Bekker