Najma Shahlaa

Mexico City - MX


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Najma Shahlaa

I work organizing events in Bellvet Producciones and Digital Art.
From age 4 I studied dance.
Theater, singing, Folk Dance (Mexico) Hawaiian and Tahitian dances, Ballroom dancing. Online sauce, Merengue. Tango, among others. I practice yoga with my mother who is a teacher of yoga, tai chi, chi kung, and holistic therapies.
I was a principal dancer in an academy.
Study and study bellydance.
I currently attend seminars with professional dancers of international stature.
I teach workshops and seminars. I am currently studying Jazz and Ballet, I also update in the Bellydance and I do fusions. Recognized as a unique technique in the Tango Oriental (fusion). On the other hand I am a conductor of events especially musical dancisticos. I also drive and I am an Internet radio announcer.

Baladi Armen Kusikian- Najma Shahlaa

Baladi in Crecendo y Drum - Najma Shahlaa

Baladi Nostalgia - Najma Shahlaa / Saba en Mexico Gala Show

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