Ludmilla Raissuli

Belém - BR


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Ludmilla Raissuli

Work with women through body language.

I attend Studio Ludmilla Raissuli which is a beautiful place with incredible energy! It is a wonderful space, made for women to feel fuller and happier!
It is a true temple of love and creativity!
I invite all of you to meet and feel at home! ♥

About my work, I offer:

- Training Course in Belly Dancing.
- Training Course for Teachers.
- Workshop's for the development of self-esteem.
- Circle of Women, with bodily and feminine practices.
- Individual monitoring.


-Khan the Khalili 2012 -partner.
-Lulu from Brazil in 2011.

International experience: Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Greece and Spain (Flamenco Biennial to study Flamenco-Arabic).

Local recognition: 5 years in the Woman Notebook (O Liberal newspaper), as a reference of Arab Dances in Belém.


- When I truly loved myself
- Body and soul
(in Theaters, Maria Sylvia Nunes, Teatro da Paz and Margarida Schivasappa).

The Studio also offers classes in adult and children's ballet and YOGA.

Ludmilla Raissuli E Tony Mouzayek - Inta Omri - SÃO Paulo 2018

Melody Of Heartbeat - Por Ludmilla Raissuli

Baladi Nostalgia DanÇA - Por Ludmilla Raissuli

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